Mission Statement » Mission Statement

Mission Statement


  • To promote student success through direct intervention in an smaller school environment.
  • To deliver education, social and career development services to students bassed on State, District and school site goals.
  • To create a positive climate with an emphasis on enhancing academic achievement, self-esteem, physical well-being, interpersonal skills and personal goal setting

Expected Schoolwide Learning Results ESLR’s

  • Navigators to the Future
  • Students will know the requirements necessary for high school graduation, college admission and career options as measured by graduation rates and post-graduation surveys
  • Students will develop the skills nedessary for making positive personal life choices as measured by suspension data and Healty Kids survey.

  • Responsible Citizens
  • Students will be given the opportunity to participate in various social, civic and other volunteer activities that promote the welfare of the school and community as measured by participation data and supervisor feedback
  • Students will treat their peers and members of the community with respect as measured by disciplin data and community written feedback.
  • Studens will participate in and demonstrate knowledge of protecting the enviroment as measured by recycling programs, custodian survey of facilities and waste created by students and staff.

  • Effective Communicators
  • Students will write clearly and proficiently as measured by CAHSEE Language scores, STAR Language scores and student samples
  • Students will interact, negotiate, and share skills with prople from a variety of ethnic, social, and educational backgrounds as measured by activity participation records and staff observation.
  • Students will effectively use technology to present information in a variey of multimedia formats as measured by student work samples.

  • Healthy Individuals
  • Students will analyze the impact that personal health behaviors and choices have on their lives as measured by HealthyKids survey results and student feedback.
  • Students will develop strategies to improve health, manage stress, and respond appropriately to emergencies as measured by counseling participation data (site as well as Berk Ment Health services) and the HealthyKids survey results.
  • Students will be able to recognize situations requireing professional health servicds and explain how to access those services as measured by counseling participation and student feedback.